Friday, May 21, 2010


Let me introduce you to a fantastic woman...she is a mom to two beautiful children, she is a wife, she is a business woman, she mentors other WAHM..she is incredible.
Her name is Kim Remington Harrill..and she owns Bow'N Crazy Hair Accesssories on Etsy and has a fan page on Face book with the same name. There isn't enough hours in the day for all the good she does for so many of us.. todays WOMAN of the HOUR with amazing POWER is Kim!!!
The pictures above display some of her amazing talent..she is making coordinating bows for bro/sister sets this summer. The Minnie/Micky sets are being modeled by her beautiful children. Her bows are stunning and I've bought them to give as gifts to my customers. If i could make a bow..but i can' I am pleased to have met Kim. She always packages her bows to keep them from getting crushed..she is always on time and the bows are a perfect match much better can it get.
She gets the photography of the outfits I create on the internet. PICTURES are worth a thousand words and Kim understands this. She works with several dress designers and creators on Etsy and I am pleased to be one of them..She understands to create a great fit we need current measurements and advance notice. Kim is always considerate of her business associates.
The collage is a current venture of ours..I like to give back to my fbFAns and Friday MIDNITE MADNESS comment contest has become a favorite..Kim and I teamed up to make the Miss 4th of July set..she created the amazing bow which every mommie knows makes the outfit..i created the peasant apron top and pants set..see what i mean...a perfect match. Kim....I don't know how you find the time to do it all...but it's like that bow was the most important thing and it is perfect.
The last pic of a representation of her BIG HEART...we had the first ever EBAby Shower on our fb fan page for a sweet little momma about to deliver her first sweet pea and this amazing gift was so perfect for Heather. Kim donated this for the baby shower..mind you i only gave her one week to create take pics, email them to me and be there that SATURDAY..and yes she did it all plus all her other responsibilities without missing a beat...
So here is our SHOUT OUT about this amazing young mom, wife, teacher, business woman, and mentor to other women...THANK YOU is Sweeter because of you.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

SUMMER BREEZE--our newest Collection for 2010

Skyee V-Halter Top and matching Capris
DragonFly Back Knot Dress

Flower Apron Peasant Top and Pants Set

Pink Daisy Chain Back Knot Dress

Lavender Butterflys Dress and Pants

Blossoms Tank Top and Hip Hugger Skirt

Capri pants to the Blossoms Pants Set

Ballet Slippers & Tiaras Tank Top and Full Skirt
Our Summer creations are starting to roll off the sewing machines..quality fabrics lined with the softest quality Tricot ready to wear for your Sweet PEAS.
The samples were shipped off to photographers this last week, soon we'll post them in our ETSY SHOP. Come by often as I'll be creating more..something for Summer VACATION TRIPS, Cruising the CARABBEAN...trips to the ZOO, to the MOVIES.. Family Parties and Barbeques..Mother's Day, Father's Day...Family Reunions. As always, we offer our Blog Followers and FACEBOOK FANS 20% PREVIEW SALE for the first week.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Measure Twice CUT ONCE!!!

The last few weeks, as I've been cutting out patterns, sewing up outfits ,several of my customers have been telling me how frustrating it is when buying clothing to get something that fits kids ..especially pants.
Children's pants are not the only's the vast difference in sizes among the honey and I took our trusty roll up tape measure and went to several stores to get the scoop on lengths..and the differences. This is what we found:

A. Measurement was the outside know the one that follows the outside of the pants not the length between the legs..we used the same tape measure and started at the top of the waistline to the hem of the pants. We measured cotton, denim or twill pants only.

size newborn 10 - 12 inches

size 3 months 11 - 12 inches

Size 3-6 months 11.5-12.5 inches

Size 6 months 13- 14 inches

size 6-12 months 14- 14.5 inches

size 9 months 13- 14.5 inches

size 12 months 15.5 - 16 inches

size 18 months 17 -18 inches

size 24 months 18 - 18.75 inches

size 2 T 17.5 - 19 .5 inches

size 3T 19 - 21 inches

size 4T 21 - 23 inches

size 5 25- 25.5 inches

We measured the favorite and popular brands.

What's the point in all this, there is no ONE MEASUREMENT..

.so when you order clothing from a just need to let her know your fav brand for the child or better yet, take a few moments to measure your child. It's quiet simple...measure their favorite and best fitting pants from the waist down to the hem on the outside.

OR...find your child's waist and measure from that point down to where you want the pants to be hemed. When creating pants, it is necessary for the sewer to add inches were the elastic will be sewn in and were the hem will be turned up. Sometimes, depending on the fabric and if it is formal wear or play clothes, there can be 3.5 extra inches added to the outside seam measurement. That's were the person sewing can determine the correct amount to add.

To help my customers and anyone wanting better fitting, longer lasting garments..Here are some standards for kids , which we now see is not really standard, just an idea of size measurements...and we all know kids are DIFFERENT. Click on the following to find out how
1, to take measurements or 2. what is the standard::


Taking Measurements

More complicated Measurements

How to take basic measurements:

Threads and included printable measure table


for pants

Now that you are utterly board with all the geometry of sewing do just one thing for me when you order something...please send me a few measurements... I use several different pattern companies as well as creating my own patterns. What do I need:
1. Your child's WEIGHT helps me determine the true size .

2. Your child's height in me an idea of how close they are to the Industry standard...

3. Chest big around they are

4. WAIST ...for the length of elastic or fitted waist for comfort.

5. Pant or Skirt Length---where do you want the garment to end..capri is not as long as long pants, short or long skirt...above the knee or below the knee...that kinda thing. Measure from the waist to were you want it to end.

Once you give me your will be ready for the next CUSTOM Boutique order and the next and the only takes a few moments to insure a WELL made and COMFORTABLE FITTING garment for your SWEET PEA.

I have been sewing all of my adult life..and the same is true in sewing for family as it is for sewing for friends or customers...if you give the wrong measurements or none at all, you will be disappointed.

One customer wanted an outfit and after repeated attempts to get one measurement..the length of the dress she desired..we had to create the ended up being too short.

Another customer wanted to have the clothes go over shirts but forgot to measure the chest with the shirt on...end results the clothing was too tight to go over shirts.

A beautiful garment, created for your child (not 1,000's of customers that get the ONE SIZE FITS MOST ) can be a joyful experience for everyone. We've made this happen over and over in our shop and if you talk with most seamstresses they will tell you the same thing...
the garment is only as good as the cut!

So...get out the tape measure or buy one and remember to send us these few little measurements we need to create a UNIQUE, Well FITTING garment...a OOAK for Your sweet little OOAK.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

One weeks worth of sewin...

Here is one weeks worth of sewing..please note the tailoring for boys! Drum roll please....
One spider man bowling shirt and pocket swim trunks.



One bright poppy Punkin Pie!
for a little itty bitty Sweet PEA!

One Pirate Bowling shirt and pocket the Henry Alexander Print! so stinkin hard to find!

Anothe order hanging waiting for tags and packages..I shipped them in two packages so the clothes wouldn't get crushed.

LOOOOVE the BETSY BEE twirly dresses..these are custom sizes.

Look what I made!! hey mom look what I did!! This is so me!!

LLLOOOOVEEE THE rufffless onnn thheesss panttts..threee of themmm!

Can't see the pokadots for the ruffles...ruffles...ruffles...

Lots of BUNNY FUFU goin around and around. To get this look I had to cut the fabric and sew strips together, then roll hem at the bottom and worth it! Somebody's sweet pea is so gointo look SA WEET!

Dainty and demure..cocoa bunny with RUFFLES..RUFFLES and MORE RUFFLES...RUFFLEs do you hear ....more is so cute!

There's where the ruffles went...around back!
So all of these creations were wrapped in white tissue paper, folded neatly in boxes and wrapped in plastic bubble wrap mailers to protect all that fabulousness..
then sent to the SWEETEST SWEET PEas and Boys that are clearly ruff tuff and cute enuff!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

MAD DASH for Boutique CLOTHING in ONE Week

Sewed lots of these... 8 to be exact this week!

Sweet little Easter/SPRING or Flower Girl Dress with some tulle, pliase, baby roses and a pink satin sash...
Little pillowcase dresses with a touch of lace Sizes 3mon, 6mon, 9mon, 12 mon, 18 mon up to girls size 6...

And I was sewing orders like this little cutie for a sweet baby girl.

I sewed these little knit tops with gathers and puff sleeves and matching knit leggings with lettuce edging...

Here they are hanging up in the stages of finishing them.. One weeks worth of sewing!
The boutique clothing plus an order for Etsy or two or three!

Another cutie..pillowcase dress in spring colors that can be for EASTER or SPRING..

These newest creations are our newest Spring collection--Rose-- for our Boutiques here in Utah.

We are in the stages of planning our Boutiques, in the works are the ParkSilly up in Park City, Utah and the Tinkerbear boutique for Halloween here in Sandy, the Women's Expo in Sandy, Utah and in Provo, Utah and the Christmas Boutiques in Salt Lake and Spanish Fork. We will be posting them here when the dates are finalized.

We're putting together some really cute little custom boutique items for your sweetpea as you can see.

Thanks to all our Wonderful Customers for all their Continued Support and Encouragement.

Rozzie & Bill

Sunday, February 14, 2010


We About fell off our Chairs when we saw all the beautiful Pics...Thanks so much for sharing the JOYFUL, PLAYFUL, ADVENTUROUS natures of your SWEET PEAS. We could not decide and wanted everyone to we used random numbers to help us decide.
Because FEBRUARY is our ANNIVERSARY MONTH..2 years on ETSY...we decided the PRIZE would be an outfit of her CHOICE...and the WINNER of our FUNNY VALENTINE photo contest is
PINKSARAHH !!!! Pinksarahh!!! PINKsarahH!

You are ALL WINNERS to US so all participants will receive a $10.00 gift certificate to our shop. THANKS so MUCH for BEING THE BEST CUSTOMERS ON ALL of ETSY!
SENDING LOTS of LOVE to all.. xxx&oooo rozzie&Bill

Friday, January 15, 2010


We're having a VALENTINE SALE this WEEKEND..some of our newest creations are upto 40% off and we've put some of our favorites on sale as well. Come C What we've got!
Visit our shop RozzisSweetPeas to see how many of our Custom Boutique Items are on sale and purchase something Unique and Sweet for your Adventurous SWEET PEA!