Saturday, March 6, 2010

One weeks worth of sewin...

Here is one weeks worth of sewing..please note the tailoring for boys! Drum roll please....
One spider man bowling shirt and pocket swim trunks.



One bright poppy Punkin Pie!
for a little itty bitty Sweet PEA!

One Pirate Bowling shirt and pocket the Henry Alexander Print! so stinkin hard to find!

Anothe order hanging waiting for tags and packages..I shipped them in two packages so the clothes wouldn't get crushed.

LOOOOVE the BETSY BEE twirly dresses..these are custom sizes.

Look what I made!! hey mom look what I did!! This is so me!!

LLLOOOOVEEE THE rufffless onnn thheesss panttts..threee of themmm!

Can't see the pokadots for the ruffles...ruffles...ruffles...

Lots of BUNNY FUFU goin around and around. To get this look I had to cut the fabric and sew strips together, then roll hem at the bottom and worth it! Somebody's sweet pea is so gointo look SA WEET!

Dainty and demure..cocoa bunny with RUFFLES..RUFFLES and MORE RUFFLES...RUFFLEs do you hear ....more is so cute!

There's where the ruffles went...around back!
So all of these creations were wrapped in white tissue paper, folded neatly in boxes and wrapped in plastic bubble wrap mailers to protect all that fabulousness..
then sent to the SWEETEST SWEET PEas and Boys that are clearly ruff tuff and cute enuff!

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  1. I Love this...awesome work and designs...I absolutely LOVE the Cocoa Bunny dress! Too adorable and I'm sharing your post on my blogs...too cute.