Monday, August 26, 2013

WINNER of Apron Costume and M2M chunky Necklace GIVEAWAY #2

    and the winner of our Apron Costume and m2m Chunky Necklace #GIVEAWAY no2 is

                                                              Kelli Carmen
*******Kelli an email has been sent from Rafflecopter and i've contacted you via message on FB.. so come claim your prize..we all want to know which APRON Costume you picked!!!  TYSM EVERYONE for joining in the fun.. wow over 900 entries!!!   Now the winner has 48 hours to claim her prize and if not, Rafflecopter will pick another lucky winner..
               WHAT a HUGH SUCCESS!! ty ty ty everyone!!  Kelli contacted me this am!! YIPPPEEE!! scroll down to see which Apron costume she picked .....

                                          SHARE this PIC PLEASE! **well the one like it on my face book page..

HOLY COW!! did you say you really wanted to win the last GIVEAWAY!! well here's your chance..
same thing only new contest... and again SPB, Sweet PEa Blossoms and Rozzis Sweet Peas or ROBINS CRAFT TREE boutique  is in NO way associated with FACEBOOK.  We do NOT require mandatory likes, shares, etc.  You can do it if you want the extra entries..but everyone who enters has a chance to win..
  We love Rafflecopter..easy for you and easy for me. I don't pic the winners...they are picked by Raffelcopter and  So it's really really fair.
  so there are more Apron Costumes i've created since the last giveaway.. Sorry this is not for the Full Dress or Fancy Dress Costumes...but it is for all the really great Apron Costumes.. AND a FREE M2m CHUNKY Necklace by Robin's Craft Tree.. here's an example in her Etsy shop

                               SteamPunk Alice Apron Costume

THIS was the Winners PICK!!!  it is so stinkin cute i gotta tell ya!!
                                                     Repuzel with her light weight tulle braid...

                                                        Jazmine so pretty and sweet for a lil Princess..

WHEN!!!Starts Aug 27 and ends Aug 30
What???   Sweet Pea BLossoms Apron Costume GIVEAWAY!! just the Apron Costume ppl not the other stuff...tutus, pants, hairbows, hair braids, floral pins.. and AND a M2M Chunky Necklace by Robin Fajardo owner/designer of Robin's Craft Tree boutique...
WHERE?? you can enter here using Rafflecopter or you can enter thru my FB PAGE..

HOW?? click enter in the rafflecopter contest form HERE OR ON MY FB BUSINESS PAGE..and for more chances to our last winner, do the other my FB page...fav some Apron costumes in my Etsy shop, tweet about it, pin some of my Apron Costumes on your Pinterest Boards...and Like our Friend Robin's Page..oh yea..she created all the amazing M2M NEcklaces you see on our SPB Models... I LOVE THEM ALL!!

WINNER?? YOU ONLY HAVE TO ENTER TO HAVE A CHANCE TO WIN.. but you get more entries and .. more chances to win if you do the other stuff..:) You can enter every day!!

Pics of Robin's Craft Tree Necklaces...and yes you can contact her to have some made for your Sweet Pea to go with her outfit even if you don't win this time..

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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